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Hexion’s thermosetting moulding compounds are utilized when there must be a combination of good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance, rigidity, surface hardness, high elastic modulus and good solvent resistance. Even if the recommended operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained.

General Purpose Moulding Compounds

PF Phenolic (Resoles or Novolacs)

Hexion’s phenolic moulding compounds (PF-MC) are used in a wide variety of applications. Products containing organic and mineral fillers are used for:

  • Ashtrays
  • Pot handles
  • Control housing for power brakes

Specific modifications provide dimensionally stable, flame-resistant grades that are used for products such as:

  • Coil bodies
  • Pump components
  • Kitchen oven handles

Graphite-extended phenolic moulding compounds are another specialty product. These electrically conductive grades can be galvanically chrome plated. Application examples include:

  • Metallized control knobs
  • Oven handles in kitchen appliances

Good slip properties and outstanding dimensional stability of graphite-extended phenolic molding compounds are used in applications such as:

  • Sleeve bearings
  • Surface vane pumps
  • Gas meter parts

Specialty and Glass Fibre-reinforced Phenolic Moulding Compounds

Hexion’s glass fibre-reinforced phenolic moulding compounds meet high demands.  These materials provide outstanding mechanical properties that yield characteristics such as relatively high modules of shear and elasticity, even at elevated temperatures.

Components subject to high mechanical and thermal stresses are generally produced with this type of material. Examples include:

  • Pulleys and gears
  • Impeller pump elements
  • Other peripheral engine parts